Making Yourself More Marketable as an Addictions Professional

With any profession it is critical to make yourself more appealing to potential employers. Even if you are satisfied with your current job, having other employers pursue you, gives you leverage, helps boost your self-esteem and can give you more credibility in your field. So, in the field of substance abuse counseling, what will make you stand out? How can you get to the point where employers are pursuing you instead of you chasing them? Here are a few tips that can help you become the addictions professional that everyone wants to hire.


1.       Get Experience.

It is an age old problem. How can I get a job if I don’t have experience and how can I get experience if I can’t get a job? Well, you have to find a way to get your foot in the door, which means that you may have to take a less desirable position. It may be a job that doesn’t pay very well or you have to work nights and weekends or maybe it is a job where you spend half of your time collecting urine samples. These are the jobs that experienced counselors won’t take, because they don’t have to. (more…)

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