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Addiction Certification Organizations

IC&RC and NAADAC Which one to Choose for your Career

IC&RC International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) can be defined as “IC&RC promotes public protection by setting standards and developing examinations for the credentialing and licensing of prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals” according to the IC&RC website. They provide the information and education needed to pass the exam […]

Listening for addiction treatment

The Skill Of Listening

It seems obvious that counselors would be good listeners; however, the importance of developing our listening skills is often overlooked because we think that it is easy to be a good listener. Being an active listener is a skill that requires effort and practice. You can’t apply all of your […]

Group counseling certification

Group Counseling: Pros and Cons

Group therapy is very common in the substance abuse field. As a substance abuse counselor, your chance of doing some group therapy is greater than most other types of counselors. For the first 8 years of my counseling career, I did almost exclusively individual therapy. When I took a job […]