Organization Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board
Address 2800 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone # (307) 777-3628
Website http://plboards.state.wy.us/mentalhealth/index.asp
National Affiliate NAADAC

[two_third last=”no” class=”” id=””]Salaries for substance abuse counselors in Wyoming are below the national average, but it has been estimated to be one of the fastest growing careers in the state. Wyoming is one of only a handful of states that is not a member of the IC&RC but they do have an affiliation with NAADAC.

Wyoming has three levels of certification for addiction counselors

Licensed Addictions Therapist (LAT)

  • Requires Master’s degree in related field including specific courses on addiction.
  • 3000 hours of clinical supervision/training after receiving Master’s degree.
  • 100 hours of direct supervision after completing Master’s degree
  • Pass the NCAC Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) exam through NAADAC or Pass the MAC exam through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)

Certified Addiction Practitioner (CAP)

  • Requires Bachelor’s degree in related field including specific courses on addiction.
  • Pass the NCAC Level II exam through NAADAC or Pass the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (AODA) exam through IC&RC

Certified Addiction Practitioner Assistant (CAPA)

  • Associate’s degree in related field including specific courses on addiction or 270 hours of addiction specific course work and/or training
  • Pass the NCAC Level I exam through NAADAC

∗This list does not include all of the requirements but just a few of the major requirements for each credential. For more info please visit http://plboards.state.wy.us/mentalhealth/instrguide.aspx#Questions[/two_third]

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